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What does check engine light diagnostic entails?

First, we have to connect our diagnostic scan tool at the OBDII port to retrieve the code(s). Then the code will lead us to what system could have a malfunction. Next is to find what may have caused the malfunction.

When do I need to bring my vehicle in for diagnostics?

A flashing engine light is an indication that there is something more serious malfunctioning on your vehicle. If this is the case, bring your car or get it towed to your local mechanic.

How long will it take to get my car diagnosed?

Generally we ask the customer to authorize an hour of our time to diagnose. Depending what problem could be, it may take less or more than an hour to diagnose.

How much is a check engine diagnostic cost?

$154.50 per hour. Please give a call to us at +1-306-931-2315 for more accurate estimate.

Why are car diagnostic tests so expensive?

People thinks that auto repair shops uses some kind of devices which they plug into the vehicle and gets the details about the issue. But in reality we have an automotive scan tool that costs thousands of dollars and an annual subscription that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to get all the information that we need in order to just diagnose the issue correctly, and skilled technicians that specializes in automotive diagnostics.

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