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When do I need a Break Repair Service? | Brake Repair Saskatoon

When do I need a Brake Repair Service in Saskatoon :

  1. Squeak and squealing noise coming from the brakes
  2. Left-Right tilt when stopping the vehicle
  3. Makes noise stopping the vehicle
  4. Have to press brake pedal a lot to stop the vehicle than normal
  5. Brake pedal shakes and vibrate when pressed.

Brake Inspection

Brakes use friction to bring a vehicle to a complete stop. This friction creates a substantial amount of heat.

Approximate Service Time : 30 Minutes

Brake Repair Saskatoon | Harry's Auto Service | Brake Inspection Saskatoon

Front Disk Brake Repair

Disk brakes are now used in modern vehicles for front and rear both. We provide front disk brake repair service in Saskatoon

Approximate Service Time : 120 Minutes

Front Disk Brake Repair Saskatoon | Brake Repair Saskatoon

Parking Brake Adjustment

Parking brake or e-brake cable stretches overtime and will eventually need to be adjusted.

Approximate Service Time : 30 Minutes

Parking Brake Repair Saskatoon | Brake Repair Saskatoon

Rear Disk Brake Repair

Some vehicles are equipped with drum brakes and shoes. Most modern vehicles are now equipped with rear disk brake calipers and pads

Approximate Service Time : 120 Minutes

Rear Disk Brake Repair Saskatoon | Brake Repair Saskatoon

Brake Rotor Replacement

Nowadays it is more cost efficient to replace the brake rotors than machining them. Installing new brakes pads onto old rotors will cause different issues such as premature brake pad wear, vibration, squealing and scraping noise when brakes are applied

Approximate Service Time : 60 Minutes

Brake Rotor Replacement Saskatoon | Brake Repair Saskatoon

Rear Drum Brake Repair

Rear drum shoes wears out overtime and accumulates brake dust in a drum brake system and eventually will cause braking issues.

Approximate Service Time : 120 Minutes

Rear Drum Brake Repair | Brake Repair Saskatoon

What about average mileage given by the Brake pads? | Brake Repair Saskatoon

There are many factors which affects the lifespan and the mileage of the brake pads. It depends on you driving habits, the quality of your brake pads. For and example city car drivers uses brakes more than any other drivers.

Also the city drives includes application of brake but such low speed does not causes any hard on to the wear. Braking from the high speed cause the most of the wear to the brake pads. Culprits for the wear to the brake pads are crowded highways and other congested areas. Heavy braking is the most likely to wear the break pads.

Now when we compare the brake pads wear of front brake pads to the rear once, the front pads wear faster than rear pads. Front brakes wear faster because the weight of the car tens to go further forward while breaking and its hard to brake from the front for the pads. So it wear quicker than rear once.

Some drivers have their brake pads changed after 70,000 miles and some after 25000 miles.

On an average the front brake pads are last anywhere from 32-55k.  If your brakes squeak for the first time you are braking then its the rust over the brake pads. If the brakes are making that squeaky noise every time you step on the brake pedal then for sure you need a Brake Repair Service in Saskatoon.

Another factor is the quality of your brake pads. Almost the quality is the same but more you more better you get. Try to get the branded once not the other ones.

Brakes are an important part of your vehicle. It bears a lot to stop down the vehicle. It has a vital role in any vehicle. Overtime brakes need repair services.  Brakes pads are worn, brake fluid changes and all other necessary check should be done & repaired. 

There are 2 kind of brake types.

  1. Drum-type
  2. Disk-type

There are older vehicles with drum-type brakes which does not have any wear sensor for the brake repair alters. But on the disk-type brake there are wear sensors on all the wheels and gets your attention when it needs service. For the best understanding check your owner’s manual.

We are providing brake repair service in Saskatoon. Call us for brake repair service.

For preventive maintenance service, check our post on Preventive Maintenance Checklist.

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