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Auto ac repair service in saskatoon,sk

auto ac repair inspection | Auto air conditioning repair in Saskatoon, SK

Air Conditioning system in your car is one of the most important system to care of. Your vehicle’s AC system is basically designed to take the hot air inside to the outside. The concept is pretty same to the refrigerator at your home. Vehicle’s AC system has 6 most important parts.

  • Refrigerant 
  • Compressor 
  • Condenser 
  • Expansion valve or an orifice tube. 
  • Evaporator 
  •  Receiver dryer or accumulator 

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Car AC Recharge in Saskatoon, SK

  • While the whole Air Conditioning system is sealed in your vehicle, there are still chances of leaks.  If that happens then you need an Air Conditioning Refrigerant recharge.
  • Recharging will bring some pressure to satisfy the refrigerant need for the AC system
  • Technician will be able to identify the leaks
auto ac recharge | Auto air conditioning repair in Saskatoon, SK
auto ac repair inspection | Auto air conditioning repair in Saskatoon, SK
AC Repair & Inspection
  • Refrigerant’s ( Freon ) system PSI pressure check
  • Inspection of Cooling output
  • Inspection of wiring, fuses, compressor, condenser or any leaks
  • Belts and hoses check
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