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Who should I perform out of province inspection on my vehicle?

Harry’s Auto Service has the best and most honest automotive repair & service technicians in the city of Saskatoon. We have been serving people from all over Saskatoon and surrounding areas happily for over 12 years. We are the best option to give you and your family an honest report about what condition your vehicle is currently in. After we address all of your out of province inspection requirements we would like the opportunity to build a personal relationship and address all of your auto service needs. You can check Services at Harry’s Auto Service.

What is the Out of Province Inspection Program?

The out of province inspection program was created to keep unsafe or derelict vehicle off of Saskatoon roads to ensure the safety of Saskatoon people and their families.

How do I know if I will require an out of province Inspection?

Any vehicle whether it is brand new or very old, will require an out of province inspection if it was registered in another province or comes from out of country. Also home built vehicles that have never been registered will require an inspection.

What if my vehicle or car does not pass the out of province inspection?

Most of the time it is just minor repair required to pass the inspection and what not that can be fixed the same day.Failures are documented and passing certificate will be issued quickly after the inspection is considered to be passed. Depending on the extent of what is required, the customer has 10 days to have the re inspection completed or a new request form will be required from the registration office. Out staff at Harry’s Auto Service will take care of your out of province inspection saskatoon.

What if I brought my vehicle from the USA?

Those vehicles that comes from another country will require an out of country inspection before it gets an out of province inspection. Harry’s Auto Service technicians is here to guide and assist you through this simple process.

What does the out of country inspection involve?

The out of country inspection takes 2-3 hours including the time for paperwork. It is a comprehensive mechanical and electrical fitness inspection. We inspect fuel systems along with exhaust system, all electricals, braking, oil changes, driveline, suspension, systems, wiring and lights, glass, tires, braking, engine, wipers & defrosters. The frame and vehicle body are inspected for evidence of poorly repaired collision damage.The standards to pass the inspection are set out by the Government of Saskatoon and Harry’s Auto Service expert technicians follow the Government requirments excatly as they are said. You can check About Us.

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