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The word tune is the most wrongly taken and most confusing word in Automotive industry. The term “Tune Up” means : ” Making Adjustments to make sure the vehicle operation at the peek efficiency. ” Car tune up in Saskatoon is all about taking care of your car’s all the adjustments and wrings and making sure that it runs smooth on the road. Regular car tune and maintenance is the best way to protect your investment on your car.

If you tell a car mechanic that you need a car tune up then the mechanic should ask you the problems and symptoms that you are facing with your car before advising any repair or service to you. This process is the same as doctors ask you the symptoms. Saskatoon mechanics are doctors of your car and we will genuinely recommend the appropriate service for your car. We also provide other services like auto repair saskatoon and out of province inspection saskatoon.

You can simply describe what happens when you brake, does your engine works perfect or did you see and decrease in your mileage or the car is hesitating while firing the engine etc etc. As good as you describe the best repair we can suggest you for your car along with a car tune up.


When do you need a car tune up?

It basically depends on your vehicle. First thing you should do is to check your owner’s manual for information. If that doesn’t help than ask your regular repair mechanic for that.

A man tuning up Car Tune Up Saskatoon
Automotive Tune UP

Nowadays there are lots of modern vehicles. Most of the older vehicles which does not have any electric ignition should have a car tune up service every 12000 to 14000 miles or every year whichever comes the first.
Modern vehicles can go up to 30000 to 1,00,000 miles without any car tune up services but it is essential for them too, to have a tune up service at regular intervals.

Tune up #1 : Spark Plug

Spark plugs is a component to fire up your engine. If your spark plug is worn out then it is going to misfire your engine. Spark plugs have metal tip on the top which wear down as the time flies due to sparks on the tip and high amount of heat. When ever replacing the spark plugs it is highly recommended to use original equipment with quality material like metal or any higher substance.

Tune Up #2 : Ignition Wires and Cables

Ignition wires are the wires that connect the ignition coil and distributor to the different different spark plugs on the engine if more than one spark plug is there.  If your vehicle is little older than modern vehicles and equipped with spark plug wires or ignition wires then checking then every time when replacing spark plugs will be a good idea. 

Ignition wires will break down overtime or go fail sometimes. Once your ignition wires are failed then you may encounter performance loss, rough idle and lot other decreasing symptoms.

To change your Ignition wires check your owner’s manual or ask an expert mechanic at Harry’s Auto Service. It is usually last for 50000 miles to 70000 miles.

Tune Up #3 : Air Filter

Air Filter : 

Air Filter | Car Tune Up Saskatoon

  • Air Filters are important to change for better fuel efficiency.
  • They filter 10000 gallons of air / 1 gallon fuel.
  •  Replacing your filter is really easy task. Just make an Appointment at Harry’s Auto Service for air filter replacement and our mechanic will take care of it.
  • Clogged Air Filters can reduce MPG’s by 2-6%.

Cabin Air Filter : 

Cabin Air Filter | Car Tune Up Saskatoon

  • Some of the cars are equipped with the cabin air filter which makes sure the cabin air is cleaned.
  • If the Cabin air filter is clogged then it may allow dust, pollen and other pollutants in your cabin.
  • Replacing the Cabin air filters take around 20 minutes or less.
  • Make an Appointment at Harry’s Auto Service for Cabin Air Filter Replacement 

Fuel Filter : 

Fuel Filter | Car Tune Up Saskatoon

  • Fuel Filters makes sure that the fuel going into your engine is clean.
  • Due to dirt, and other impurities in fuel, Fuel filters overtime clogged up.
  • It sometimes results in premature fuel pump failure.
  • Make an Appointment at Harry’s Auto Service for Fuel Air Filter Replacement 

Oil Filter : 

Oil Filter | Car Tune Up Saskatoon

  • Engine oil cools down the metal parts inside the engine and less down the friction.
  • Engine Oil filter is used to purify the oil before the main application.
  • Sometimes it is highly clogged which leads to high oil pressure.
  • It should be changes with every oil change at the recommended intervals by the mechanic.
  • Make an Appointment at Harry’s Auto Service for Fuel Air Filter Replacement 

PCV Valve : 

PCV Valve | Car Tune Up Saskatoon

  • PCV : Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve
  • It is seen that overtime PCV valve is clogged by carbon build up over it.
  • Sometimes results in a higher air/fuel ration.
  • It is easy to replace. In some of the cars it is a job of 10 minutes.
  • Make an Appointment at Harry’s Auto Service for Fuel Air Filter Replacement 

Tune Up #4 : Belts and Hoses

Belts transfer all the energy from the engine to other useful components like air conditioner, water pump, power steering pump and many other. If the belts wear up or goes fail then all the components will eventually go fail to function.

Hoses transfer all the major fluids in your system of vehicle. If hoses go fail to work then the important fluid transfer goes fail and may prevent smooth run of your car.

Overtime belts & hoses wear and they need to be changed immediately to prevent any damages to other components.


SERPENTINE BELT | Car Tune Up Saskatoon

  • This belt works on a series of the pulleys.
  • The belts wear down quickly so it needs replacement for better running of your car.
  • Check for the cracks underneath the belt.
  • Make an Appointment at Harry’s Auto Service for Serpentine Belt Replacement.


BELT TENSIONER | Car Tune Up Saskatoon

  • It maintains the correct belt tension between the belts.
  • A week tensioner, or a tight configuration will cause faster wears to the belts.
  • It is easy to replace. In some of the cars it is a job of 10 minutes.
  • Make an Appointment at Harry’s Auto Service for Belt Tensioner Replacement.


Timing Belt | Car Tune Up Saskatoon

  • Timing belts controls the internal mechanical timing of the metal components in your car system.
  • Timing belt makes your car run smoother by controlling all the components at a particular time.
  • Make an Appointment at Harry’s Auto Service for Timing Belt Replacement. 


Hoses | Car Tune Up Saskatoon

  • Hoses circulates fluids like coolant, engine oil etc.
  • It helps to dissipate the heat out from various sources in your car.
  • Hoses are made of rubber and tend to wear and tear faster.
  • Check hose clamps and if there is any leakages.
  • Make an Appointment at Harry’s Auto Service for Hoses Replacement.

Tune Up #5: Fluids


Engine Oil | Car Tune Up Saskatoon

  • Engine Oil makes your engine cool when you rev.
  • It goes through the whole engine and gets contaminated over time cause there is so much heat generated by the engine to absorb.
  • Change your engine oil regularly at recommended time periods and also check for the Engine Oil Filter.
  • It is easy to replace. In some of the cars it is a job of 10 minutes.
  • Make an Appointment at Harry’s Auto Service for Engine Oil Replacement.  Or check over here for Oil change in Saskatoon.


Coolant | Car Tune Up Saskatoon

  • Coolant keep your car’s engine to be cooled in summers does not let it freeze in winters.
  • Overtime due to contamination it is not more efficient.
  • Contaminated coolant makes your car engine heating more and more and that is going to affect the whole car system. 
  • That is why it is important to flush your coolant every 2 years. Check Your Owner’s manual for the time period.
  • Make an Appointment at Harry’s Auto Service for Coolant Replacement.


Power Steering Fluid | Car Tune Up Saskatoon

  • Overtime the power steering pump may stop working or gets inefficient due to contamination.
  • Keep an eye on the MAX and MIN levels of your power steering fluids in reservoir. 
  • Also check that the fluid is not muddy,
  • Make an Appointment at Harry’s Auto Service for Power Steering Fluid Replacement.


Automatic Transmission Fluid | Car Tune Up Saskatoon

  • We change gears a lot of times. Constant gear changing results in to the wear of internal transmission components and metal parts.
  • If you see your Transmission Fluid’s color Brown then It is a sign to change the fluid ASAP.
  • Make an Appointment at Harry’s Auto Service for ATF Replacement.
  • If your transmission fluid is full of dirt, impurities and mud then immediately go for service or call us on 306-931-2315.


Brake Fluid | Car Tune Up Saskatoon

  • Brake Fluid is just important for every car.
  • Without Brake Fluid, It would be difficult to stop your vehicle at desired place.
  • It is important to get your brakes checked for repair and fluids for car tune up.
  • Check our other brake services at this page here/
  • Brake Inspection & Repair In Saskatoon
  • Make an Appointment at Harry’s Auto Service for Brake Fluid Replacement.

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