What is Preventive Maintenance service?

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Hey there, Does this questions related to the car maintenance bothering you:

1) How should I take care of my car?

2) How do I do Preventive Maintenance on my car?

3)How can I take care of my car that it looks always in good condition?

4) What regular maintenance should be done on my car?

5) How can I do maintenance of my car myself?

Every vehicle needs auto maintenance. Preventive maintenance is the key to prevent costly repairs. Regular maintenance is like regular doctor checkups. It helps your car mechanic to catch small issues. Those small issues sometime creates a big problem. Preventative maintenance includes inspections, auto repairs and regular services. Preventive maintenance Saskatoon repair services.

Basically, There are two kind of vehicle owners:



Reactive people will service their car/vehicle when there is a breakdown or need. If you are reactive it can be more costly to you. Sometimes to the complete vehicle failure. 

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Proactive people takes care of their car and always have follow ups with their mechanics. Preventive maintenance is the key to expand vehicle’s life. Want Preventive maintenance in Saskatoon? Harry’s Auto Service is here to help. Make an appointment for preventive maintenance in Saskatoon.

First of all you must be in the proactive approach. It will help you to reduce repair cost.

Secondly, review your owner’s manual. Your owner’s manual is kind of wikipedia of your vehicle.It has all the information for your vehicle. It has all the service related information and how often it need to be performed. If you don’t have your copy of owner’s manual.

This auto car care preventive maintenance checklist is general for most of the cars and other vehicles.

These are some that you can do on your own. If you have no time and interest to do it then find a reputable auto mechanic in your area. Harry’s Auto Service has served to the Saskatoon city for almost 13 years. So you can count on us for your auto repair & maintenance services.

From our experience we can tell that cost of preventive maintenance will be always less than the cost of repair after failure. We recommend you to get your preventive maintenance check done from a reputed mechanic or do it on your own as of this guide.

Which Preventive Maintenance service should be performed on my car?

Preventive Maintenance Check #1 : Regular Oil Changes

1) How often should I change my engine oil?

Check your owner’s manual for oil change services and how often you should change the engine oil. Some people says you should change it at 3000 miles, but that’s not true for you vehicle. Every vehicle has its own time period for oil changes, check the manual for the type of oil & filters for the best performance.

Check out post on ‘ 3 Reasons to have regular oil changes‘ for reference. Also take a look at our oil change services.

Preventive Maintenance Check #2 : Check Your Filters

Man replacing an automotive air filter.

Air filters of your engine needs to be replaces as described in owner’s manual. Air filters does filter all the dirt from the air taken in. After a long time, dirt increases and filter’s efficiency decreases. As the result you mileage will be very low because dirt is not letting engine work.

You can replace the engine air filter by yourself as described in owner’s manual.

Preventive Maintenance Check #3 : Check Tires Condition

saskatoon auto service
Tire Repair Service

Tires are the one who is in contact with the ground. It is the most important to check the tires because it can cause problems during rainy or snow season. Check the tread on your tire, if it is low and wearing then immediately change your tires. They are not something to wait for and worn tires are very dangerous. Check our services for Tire Repair & maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance Check #4 : Inspect Belts & Fluids

Have an inspection performed, or do it yourself if you are able. Check your fluids including:

Driving, Pump – Dress Shoe, Alloy, Liquid, Machine Part
  • Wiper Fluid
  • Power Steering
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Coolant
  • Antifreeze

First of all check the timing belt of your vehicle. Your owner’s manual will have the range of time when you should change the belts. Most vehicles has to change belts in time range between 40,000 to 60,000 miles. If you don’t maintain the timing belt and other belts for preventive maintenance then it will break down and may damage other things.

Preventive Maintenance Check #5 : Battery Check

Battery check can be done by you just watching at it. Check the contacts of battery and see if there is any mineral build up. if there is any build up then clean it with appropriate brushes. You can check the battery by this link below. Most of the auto repair shops does it the same way.

Maintain your battery with this guide.

Preventive Maintenance Check #6 : Check Spark Plugs

Sometimes spark plugs are worn or damaged. If you don’t maintain them then it will lead to breakdown. Its important part for preventive maintenance Saskatoon. Change them regularly on the basis of your owner’s manual.

Preventive Maintenance Check#7 : Wheel Alignment

What do mechanics mean by Wheel Alignment?

Wheel Alignment does not mean to aligning the tires or wheels in a right position. Wheel Alignment is basically the adjustment of the vehicle’s suspension. The system which connects to the wheel must should be aligned for the best performance of the tires and long lifespan.

How do I check my vehicle's Wheel Alignment?

There is no best way to check the Wheel Alignment. But there are some checks that you can make to check if you need a wheel alignment sooner or later. It is best advised to consult your auto mechanic in your area.

  • Vibrations in Steering wheel : due to lack alignment between tire and suspension
  • wearing tread is uneven :  When your tire is not aligned perfectly the tread wears unevenly
  • vehicle pulls of right to left and left to right
  • Not centered Steering wheel when going straight on highway

These are the couple check to know if you need any wheel alignment service on your vehicle. It best advised to get it done before the time. Its not the thing to wait for. Sometimes the tire/wheel comes off. Better to prevent it with preventive maintenance service in Saskatoon.

Preventive Maintenance Check #7 :  Fuel System Check

It is made up of 4 components.

  1. Fuel Tank with fuel to inject
  2. Pump :  Which pumps the fuel to the engine
  3. Filter : It filters all the dirt from the fuel
  4. Fuel Injector : Injects fuel to the engine as needed

This all system is know as Fuel System in your vehicle. It is the most important thing in your vehicle.Overtime, The fuel system area gets contaminated with gum build up and the combustion system may also has the carbon build up which decreases the fuel efficiency and the performance of your car which no one want.

How do I know if I need a Fuel System Service?

According to the Kelly Blue Book Fuel System Flush article , first of all you should check the owner’s manual for the information. It is usually recommended to get the service after every 60,000 miles. But still you can get a check for the fuel system service for free from your regular mechanic service shop. If you are regular customer then most of them do inspection for free.

Why do I need a fuel  system clean or fuel system flush?

If there is a lot of build up of cogs then the efficiency of your fuel will be less. Fuel system flush will clean all the build up of carbon, cogs and other dirt from your injector system.

After the fuel system clean there will be an increase in performance and efficiency.

Preventive Maintenance Check #8 :  Exhaust check

Exhaust is important part of the vehicle which gets all the harmful gases out from the engine. Also it minimizes the noise of the engine.

  • Check for any holes in the exhaust system
  • high engine noise
  • popping noise from exhaust
  • minor leaks
  • low on gas mileage

Keep Up with the technology for Preventive Maintenance

Its possible that you sometimes don’t remember taking care of your vehicle. So for that you can use your smartphone to remember stuff about all your auto repair services and to have analysis of all the expenditures on your vehicle. We have created a list of some useful apps for your convenience to take care of your car.

Road Trip (iOS) :

Road Trip is the easiest way for iOS users to find their mileage details and keep an eye on all the past and future details to get if you are getting any benefits out of your all services.

You can track your fuel fill ups and mileage very easy and fast. It gives you detailed analytics for your all activities on your vehicle. It also has the tire logs and track feature which helps to track the wear on your tires during winter and summer which is a cool feature. The lite version is limited to a little taste but you can get the full version for $5 and can track as many vehicles as you want.

Drivvo – Car management, Fuel log ( Android ) :

It is basically for the management of your vehicle. It has a fuel mileage calculator. App will save your money by managing the repair cost and services cost. The app will show car’s average fuel consumption.  It is highly rated on the play store, why not to give it a try.

Autocare (Android / iOS) :

This app does its work at its best.  It is around for a while but has gain attention of lots to it. The app has a pretty good interface and the user experience is also good. You can also set it to remind you something so you won’t forget to do that task. You may track more than one vehicle on this app.

Car Problems and Repairs :

Curious about auto repairs and auto parts. You may learn about car problems and car repairs on this app. It is best in knowledge. Most of the people have rated it a very good app. You should give it a try.

Don’t neglect any issue related to your car. If you find any consult your auto mechanic ASAP.

In this preventive maintenance guide by Harry’s Auto Service, we have talked about all the aspects with which you can take care of your car easily. But sometimes there are problems which needs expert work.

If you need any repairs related to your car, trucks, or any other vehicle you can contact Harry’s Auto Service in Saskatoon. We also provide fleet services. Located at  2202 Hanselman Ave, Saskatoon.

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We have been in this industry for almost 12 years and has experienced mechanics to perform auto repair and maintenance services on your vehicle. We also provide out of province inspection for your vehicle as well government inspections.

Check about us and our certified technician team.

We are experts in car repair and maintenance. We are highly rated on google local for the repair services.

Taking care of your vehicle at Harry’s Auto Service.

want a preventive maintenance service on your vehicle?

Give us a call on 306-931-2315.  

We can discuss about the preventive maintenance that your car need in particular and prevent the high repair costs for your vehicle. Take your vehicle down to us Harry’s Auto Service at  2202 Hanselman Ave, Saskatoon, SK S7L 6A4, Canada. 

This little guide can save you a lot on costly auto repair maintenance. If you have any problem doing any of this services then call Harry’s Auto Service on 306-931-2315.

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