10 Easy And Quick Car Maintenance Tips For Any Car Owner

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Owning a vehicle is a necessity nowadays. We know that times are tough and life can be busy from time to time and we seem to neglect our vehicle maintenance schedule and repairs.

Our goal here with us at Harry’s Auto service is to make your automotive stress free and as convenient as possible.

Here are 10 tips on how to maintain and look after your vehicle:

1. Seasonal Inspection

Seasonal inspections are not only to detect mechanical problems, but it also enables you to better understand the mechanism of your car. This will tell us the overall health condition of your vehicle and possibly saves you thousands of dollars in vehicle repairs in the future.

2. Brake Fluid Flush

Brake fluid can accumulate moisture over time that is why it is important to get your brake fluid replaced or flushed to prevent future damage with your brake system or prevent catastrophic failure.

3. Maintain The Exterior And The Interior of The Car

A clean car says alot about your personality. Keeping your car clean inside out will give you a sense of accountability to stay on top of your vehicle maintenance.

4. Keep Your Eye On Leaks

Some leaks such as engine oil, coolant, power steering, etc do not happen overnight. Your mechanic should be able to detect early signs of fluid leaks before it turns to a major leak and could possibly leave you stranded on the side of the road.

5. Replace Spark Plug & Fuel Filter Regularly

The spark plug ignites the mixture of air and fuel. It has positive and negative electrodes. The charge from the ignition coil creates a spark from positive to negative electrodes. The charge travels from the positive electrode to the negative electrode, igniting the air and fuel mix. This creates a downward force on the piston which will turn the crankshaft. If the spark plug electrodes wear, then the air gap between the electrodes will increase and lead to no spark plug sparks. This is called “misfire”. It causes low fuel economy and many other issues in your vehicle’s engine. It is always good to ask your mechanic to check the spark plug.

The fuel we put in our vehicles is not always clean, that is why vehicles have fuel filters. Over a period of time, fuel filters become clogged with all the dirt in the fuel. We can not examine it directly. If the fuel filter is highly clogged then it can lead to the decreased life span of the fuel pump in your vehicle affecting the 

Fuel economy of your vehicle. It is good to replace the fuel filter as per the owner’s manual. 

6. Car wash Regularly

There is so much dirt, sand, salt and debris on the road. As we drive it can get on the surface of the vehicles as well. The minerals can affect the look of your car and damage the paint job, overall causing the low resell value. As a thumb rule, you can wash your car every 2 weeks. It depends on the usage of the vehicle. It is a good habit to wash your car regularly for the safety of you and long life span vehicle.   

7. Maintain A Healthy Car Engine

The engine of your vehicle is the power hub. Keeping it healthy will keep your vehicle moving smoothly. 

• Change engine oil at intervals

• Do not ignore the engine light

• Keep an eye on fuel filter, fuel pump and spark plug

• Do not drive a lot on reserve fuel

8. Do not Ignore The Unusual Sounds of Your Vehicle

The sounds coming from your vehicle can tell you a lot of things. When you turn on your car, take a moment to listen to the sound of your vehicle and if you hear anything abnormal talk to your mechanic.

9. Follow Guidelines From Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual has all the information about your vehicle. Its main purpose is to provide details on how to use your vehicle efficiently. It is the best way to find the regular duration to change the parts of your vehicle. Have it with you in your car and if you do not find some answers to your questions, the owner’s manual is the place to find it.

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